Running a business is not for the faint-hearted.

Success is not just a matter of working hard or being at the right place at the right time.

Statistics show that the survival rate for small businesses is slim.  40% of new businesses will fail within the first year.  At the end of five years, 80% of those remaining will close their doors.  At the end of ten years, another 80% will do the same.

This unfortunate reality would be different if small business owners got the training and help they needed.

As a successful small business owner, Denise has "walked the walk" and knows directly from her own experience what works and what doesn't.  With specfic tools and techniques, Denise will coach you to avoid pitfalls most business owners encounter and stay on track, increase your income and achieve success while maintaining a balance in your life.  Denise's focus in coaching small business owners and entrepreneurs includes:

-The three roles a business must have to be successful
-Drafting a simple business plan
-Keeping track of your finances
-Timing to get financing and credit lines
-Hiring and firing
-Delegating vs. abdicating
-Dealing with outside financial professinalswho work for you - accountants, lawyers, financial advisors
-Cultural differences between running a business in the U.S. and Europe