Vague about your finances?
Don't know how to manage money without resorting to credit?
Fear about your financial future?
Want to achieve financial freedom but don't know how?

You're not alone.
We live in a culture which encourages people to live beyond their means. Living on credit - debting - has become an acceptable form of managing one's money.  People have come to believe that it is normal to live beyond their means and to endure the stress, misery and lack of freedom it often leads to.

It doesn't have to be this way!

Whether you are a business owner or a private individual, learn to take charge of your finances in an organized and responsible manner, no matter the fluctuations of the economy, financial markets or job employment rates.

Drawing from her several years' experience helping her clients handle their finances and doing the same with her own - she practises what she preaches - Denise is passionate about helping others take charge of their money.  She will coach you to:

-Gain clarity over your expenses and debts.  Vagueness breeds an unrealistic perception of your financial situation.  Know exactly how much money you spend right now.  Numbers don't lie.  Learn to go through this exercise without judgment and make your numbers your friends.

-Manage secured loans - mortgage, car loan, credit line - with confidence and ease.

-Work up a budget in accordance with your financial situation.  Learn to meet your financial obligations within you current financial means, without resorting to credit.  Learn to live more realistically - with less stress.

-Put together another budget or strategic plan for your business, taking into account the vision you aspire to.  Open up to abundance by stating your goals and learn to achieve them.

-Explore ways to increase your income or generate new business.  By not counting on credit as a crutch, learn to release the creative powers of your mind to generate income in ways you didn't suspect before.

-Establish a plan to pay off you debts without depriving yourself.

-Stand up to and negotiate with creditors without shame or fear.  Reduce your anxiety by learning what to say to them in a respectful and productive manner.

-Handle money issues in the context of relationships and family to reduce stress and lead to a more harmonious life.

-Plan for savings and retirement without turning your financial future to your broker or accountant.  Learn to avoid making these professionals your authority figures.

-Learn to achieve a prosperity consciousness and overall well-being.