Overcoming chronic lateness and procrastination

Everybody procrastinates to some extent and everybody is late – at times. But when you are identified by your family, friends or professional associates as someone who never shows up on time or who can never be counted on to deliver as promised – you have a problem.

Being late not only irritates people but diminishes your self-esteem as well as generates shame and guilt. Excuses don’t cut it once you are known as someone who “never” shows up on time. People do not like to be kept waiting – period! Keep them waiting often enough and they will drop you as quickly as they can, or if they don’t, you wind up with the unpleasant experience of having to put up with their disappointment and anger. Chronic lateness sabotages personal and professional relationships.

Procrastinating – doing things later, so much later that you miss the boat or wind up never doing what you intended – has serious repercussions. You are always in a catch up mode, piling on stress and self-recriminations – a continual disappointment to yourself and others. Important decisions are postponed and wind up being made for you by the process of indecision, whether you like it or not. In a nutshell, you’re postponing your life!

The good news: chronic lateness and procrastination can be overcome!

From her many years of experience helping people with these issues, Denise knows how much they can sabotage success and happiness - she also knows what works to get past them.  With support and appropriate techniques and tools, Denise will coach you to change these self-defeating habits and take charge of your life.